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Action 2015

CHE Update

A tool for holistic community development and capacity building to change attitude and behaviour...

Salamom Update

CGA vision is that our students will be agents of transformation in their communities...

Relief Action Update

Cambodia Global Action brings relief to the needy and the hungry...

Child Care Update

Holistic support including shelter, food, clothing, medical cares, school frees counseling, and building pre-school...

CDProS Update

Supports services to holistic development of CGA Projects to reach the sustainability of lining standard of the communities...

Because of a long past of war and genocide, Cambodia has a lack of community organization, the social structures and social links having been destroyed, For this reason, the social control on the foster families and the moral climate in the foster families are very weak. On the other hand, the last 30 years have generated bad governance and a poor economy.
The Ministry line for orphans (the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation) has thus a very small budget: It can't maintain public orphans and control on private orphanages.
The foster families have a low income and a poor education, and provide malnutrition, and poor health care to the orphans.
CGA is developing a “Caring for Orphans” program in response to the increasing number of orphans in Phnom Penh and other provinces due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to different poverty-related diseases such as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis.
This program aims to get orphans from disadvantaged families of Phnom Penh and other provinces, educated and raised by Foster families in a Cambodian and holistic way, with a standard of excellence (objective: 200 orphans supported during this first 5 years phase of the program).

Our activities

We develop a network of foster families, providing dozens of orphans with an holistic support including shelter, food, clothing, medical care, school fees and counselling.
In agreement with the local authorities and the local organizations, CGA carries out relief actions, to be followed by holistic development programs in order to prevent the impact of any other future dramatic event.


Orphans are living in their relative’s house

Pre_school activities

Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities
Pre_school activities

Testimony of foster parent & orphans

My name is Mrs. Srey Vorn, 47 years old , has lived in Kom Phem village, Keo Por commune, Pourk district, Siem Reap province . I’m a foster family of Chhan Srey Phorn and I feed and take care her since her parent died, it is my big burden. I am very happy with CGA[ caring for orphan program] supporting the food, clothes, school stationeries, toothpaste, toothbrush, medical care so Chhan Srey Phorn can continue to study in the school like other kids in the village.Now I don’t have a burden and worry like before. I would like to thank to the kind donor and the supporter and the other hand, I would like to suggest to CGA, please continue and support Chhan Srey Phorn until her growing up.

May God bless you!
Srey Vorn

My name is Chhan Srey Phorn girl, 13 years old, is studying in Kourk khpos Primary school in grade 5. I have lived with my aunt in Kom Phem village, pourk district, Siem Reap province. I’m so glade to do a testimony about my life, after my parent died by AIDS and I was so lonely and sad in my life with hopeless. One day, I met CGA staff came down my village and ask for orphan in my village so I’m the one that registered. I was happy in my life. I have received food, clothes, school stationary, toothpaste, toothbrush and medical care for every month. I’m so happy and I can go to study again like my friend. I would like CGA continue supporting me until I finish my study in the high school. In future I want to become a teacher in my village. I wish you have a good luck and good heath.

Srey Phorn
Ngeth Srey Mom

My name is Ngeth Srey Mom girl, 16 years old, I have lived in Prey Krouch village, Krobey Real commune, Pourk district, Siem Reap province. I study in Sieng Nam primary school in grade 6. I am very happy for supporting me and my sister and brother, I have enough food, I have some money for study, I have books, pen, and clothes. Every month I have received supporting from CGA. I would like to thank to donor that help me and I wish you have a good health and good luck. Please continue support my family until I grow up and I finish my study in high school.

My name is Mrs Ngeth Yom, 36 years old; I am a sister of Ngeth Srey Mom girl. After my parent died and all my younger sister and younger brother are living with me by a heavy burden. I don’t have enough food for them and all of them can not go to school. They help me making money to live. When my sisters and brother are registered with orphan program. I got supported from the food and some materials for school and clothes so my sisters and brother can go to school and have enough food like other children in my village . I am very happy with the program and I would like to thank to kind donor and CGA helps my sister and brother for every month. In finally, I wish you have a good health and successful all duties.

Ngeth Yom

Activity and Game of Orphans

caring_orphan-Orphans are happy to play some games and make them enjoy and they know each other

Orphans are happy to play some games and make them enjoy and they know each other.

caring_orphan-Orphans participate in church activities

Orphans participate in church activities

In case of fire, drought, flood, tornado or any other natural disaster in Cambodia, Cambodia Global Action brings relief to the needy and the hungry.


Orphans studying in classroom in community


Orphans studying in classroom in community


We thank all donors so much.

  1. Support holistically orphans according to an holistic program: support for shelter, food, clothing, medical care, health education, schooling fees, school materials; emotional and spiritual counseling. A special attention will be given to education on physical and sexual abuse. The selection criteria are: motherless AND fatherless children from 0 to 15 years old, without considering if they are HIV/AIDS positive or not.
  2. Empower the parents of the Foster families for their roles in the holistic development of the orphans whom they take care of: health and hygiene education; sanitation equipment if necessary; micro loans for agriculture or micro enterprise; emotional and spiritual counseling. Foster families are selected by a committee including the Program Manager and the local officials (AG pastor, Village chief, Village Development Committee, MOSALVY representative) and will host 3 orphans maximum each one.
    The selection criteria are: a couple aged between 25 – 50 years, with a medium level of education (Grade 7 minimum), with a maximum of 3 children of their own, having a good reputation within the neighbors and having experience with children.
    Special case: widows with their fatherless children or elder brother or sister who become of the family could be part of the program.
  3. Empower young Christian volunteers to act as Mentors for the orphans being part of the program (emotional and spiritual counselors). Mentors are volunteers selected by a committee including the Program Manager and the local AG pastor. Mentors will be at least 1 for 10 orphans and will be trained by the Program Manager.
    The selection criteria are: young men and young women, members of the local church, with skills for Sunday school, good models.
  4. Build a strong relationship between the orphans and their sponsors: orphans are all sponsored by a foreign family (mainly in France) and the Program Manager will take care of regular quarterly progress reports, letters and drawings from the orphan, and pictures of the orphans, sent through the sponsoring agency.

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