Action 2015
Action 2015
Action 2015
Action 2015

CHE Update

A tool for holistic community development and capacity building to change attitude and behaviour...

Salamom Update

CGA vision is that our students will be agents of transformation in their communities...

Relief Action Update

Cambodia Global Action brings relief to the needy and the hungry...

Child Care Update

Holistic support including shelter, food, clothing, medical cares, school frees counseling, and building pre-school...

CDProS Update

Supports services to holistic development of CGA Projects to reach the sustainability of lining standard of the communities...

Charlie Separator

As part of the civil society, CGA considers it a duty to be a model in regards to the following values: love and compassion without discrimination; good internal governance with honesty, righteousness and transparency; behavior morally exemplary; humility, respect, proximity and empowerment of others; commitment, professionalism and creativity.


Make a Healthy Life Community Health Education

Sponsor a Child

The CHE program is a multifaceted, community-based, church-based, family-based long-term and sustainable development strategy that deals with the whole - man physically, morally, emotionally and socially.

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Make a bright Futer Salamom Program

Salamom Program

CGA wants orphans and children from vulnerable families of Phnom Penh and other provinces, to be educated in a Cambodian holistic curriculum, with a standard of excellence, and with the participation of the parents or the tutors.

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In the Child Care

Child Care

CGA is developing a "Caring for Orphans" program in response to the increasing number of orphans in Phnom Penh and other provinces due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to different poverty-related diseases such as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis.

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